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Anniversary Run


Today is my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately, my husband is at work today, and I have a lot of work to get through before we go out for a lovely Anniversary dinner tonight, but that didn't stop me from going out for a nice early morning run.

I laced up my trainers with a smile and decided to run a regular 4.5 mile route, but I decided to slow my pace a little so that I could run for longer before walking. This worked brilliantly, as I was able to run for the first 20 minutes before I needed to walk a little ... normally I run the first mile really quickly and then have to walk on and off for the next 2-3 miles, but this morning i not only ran the first 2 miles, but i only had to walk on and off for 1.5 miles before I finished running the last mile.

It was grey and overcast his morning and a little breezy, but it definitely didn't dampen my mood. I ran the whole route with a smile on my face and started thinking about my wedding day, and the look on Matt's face when he first saw me in my wedding dress. I then started recalling many happy memories from my Honeymoon, holidays, family gatherings and our furbaby family.

I saw many people on my run, this is normal. They don't normally talk or even acknowledge me, but this morning at least 4 people said hello, 3 people gave me encouragement to keep running, and 2 drivers actually allowed me to keep running before they continued out of their driveways. The friendliness of people never ceases to amaze me.

I managed to run 4.59 miles in 00:45:51 this morning.

I'll definitely enjoy our Anniversary dinner tonight, and here's to many more ?

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From carb overload back to normality

sunny 17 °C

Wow!!! What a weekend it's been ... I've had a complete carb overload since Friday starting with pizzas on Friday night, wedding food all day Saturday and ending the weekend with a chilli hotdog. Talk about stuffed and not able to move!!!

Now I don't normally do any exercise over the weekend (as these are my rest days) but by the time Sunday night came, and after all the food I had consumed over the last few days, I was craving to go for a run. I made the conscious decision to go for a long run first thing Monday morning.

Monday morning came ... I opened the curtains and the sun came streaming in. It was then that i decided I was going to run for a good hour this morning. I laced up my trainers and away I went. I usually manage to run the first mile without any walking, but this morning i actually managed to run the first 1.5 miles without walking ... talk about an improvement ... but during my run I suffered with achy shins and calf muscles (that'll teach me to wear heels all day Saturday), so after having to stop 3 times to massage my shins and calfs, and after being chased by the dust cart (that made sure I didn't walk any part of the last 1/2 mile of my run) I managed to complete my run.

I'm pleased to say that I ran 5.89 miles in 01:00:22 this morning ?

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Wedding Fever !!


I've been going to Body Tone and Insanity fitness classes twice a week and running 2-3 times a week for the last 3 1/2 months, and have tried not to stand on the scales, as i new my body was changing by toning up, but i really hadn't realised until recently.

12 months ago my husband and I were sent a 'Save the Date' for a friends wedding ... 3 weeks ago I went shopping for a dress for this wedding ... I must have tried on 10 or more dresses before finding the perfect one. What made it even better was that when I asked the sales assistant's opinion on how the dress looked, she suggested I try a size smaller ... to my surprise it fitted and looked perfect!! I was sooooo pleased that all my commitment to my fitness over the last few months had really paid off!!

Since buying the dress, i have tried to be as committed as possible to not eating too much rubbish ... and trying to make more healthy food choices, and when yesterday came ... the day of the Wedding ... My dress fitted perfectly.

Here i am with my husband Matt before the wedding, and this is "The Dress" !!! I received so many lovely compliments from people during the day that my confidence and committment to my exercising and running has been reinforced.


I've taken the whole weekend off from exercising, but I've really missed running this weekend, so I'll be going for a nice run tomorrow ... ☺️

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Running after storms


Well, after last nights storms which resulted in the heavens opening and the rain coming down straight like steer-rods (and 4 very wet cats who I swear are all loopy for going out in the rain!!), I opened the curtains this morning and was faced with a very grey day and mist ... perfect for a run I thought. How right I was.

After yesterday's Insanity class my abs were achy as were my legs ... I really dislike lunges and we seemed to do loads in yesterdays class (as well as in Tuesday's Body Tone class!!) ... a run was just what I needed to loosen up my muscles.

I laced up my trainers, and walked out the door, but had to come straight back in as I was confronted by my cat Amber who decided she wanted to follow me ... so I had to bribe her with some Dreamies and then locked the door and ran round the corner as fast as I could so that she wouldn't follow me (I'm sure my neighbours must think I'm crazy at times ... well most of the time actually!!).

The second time I made it out the door, I ran, jogged and walked around the roads where I live with the mist/drizzle on my face, which was so refreshing. It made such a lovely change to not be running in muggy heat or direct sun, plus my hayfever was kept at bay thanks to the weather. I spent my run thinking about what I need to do for work today, but then my mind started to wander thinking about tomorrow and our friend's wedding we'll be attending ... then I started to think about when we got married ... and the fact that I had to stand in a bath of water in my parents hotel room before the ceremony so that my feet would cool down enough so I could get my shoes on!! ... and that it was the first time I had ever seen Matt completely speechless when I walked in ... It was such a magical day for me ... and it's only 7 days until our 11th Wedding Anniversary ...

It's so lovely running early in the morning during the school holidays, as I'm not confronted by parents with toddlers, push-chairs or small children running in front of me ... or parents in cars who open their car doors willy-nilly and park on the pavements (rant over!)

I looked at my watch and realised I'd been out for 35 minutes already, but had already mentally decided to only run for 45 minutes as I've got a busy day ahead, so I ran the final mile back home and who was waiting for me as I got to the driveway ... my cat Amber was sat by the fence!! As soon as she saw me, she ran over and started to rub herself all around my legs, and continued to do so whilst I did my stretching in the back garden.

I was really pleased with my run today, as I managed 4.59 miles in 00:45:47.

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