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Hard going after a short break away + starting a diet !!


After having a week off from my regular exercise routine, I woke on Monday morning and decided to go for a run on the treadmill. However, it wasn't as easy and plain sailing as I had hoped ... I originally decided I would run 3 miles, but my body had other ideas!!

I did my usual 2 minute warm up walk, and then started running at 5mph, but found after 8 minutes that I couldn't continue running. I was getting very out of breath and I was starting to get stitch!! So I had to revert to walking for 2 minutes and then running for 3-4 minutes. Now I normally like to run for at least 30 minutes (or 3 miles), but after doing the run/walk routine for 30 minutes, I was starting to get really bored and had lost my motivation, plus my body was screaming at me to stop, so I decided to finish with a 2 minute cool down walk and stretched afterwards.

Now I don't normally feel bored when running but I think it may have something to do with running on the treadmill and staring at the wall constantly. I need to get some winter running gear so that I can get out and run (I'm not kitted out properly yet), so I think that will be my plan for this weekend.

Also this week, hubby and I have started the 5:2 diet to try and shift a few pounds before Christmas. Today is a normal day, but we've chosen to make Tuesday and Thursday our fast days. So today I had cereal for breakfast, scrambled egg on toast for lunch, garlic kiev and chips for dinner and fruit for snacks. In hindsight, maybe the cereal is too high in sugar for me to have before I do a run ... I'll have to have a go at having breakfast after my run and see if that makes any difference.


I went to my Body Tone class this morning, my first class since my break, and found it hard going again. I really think I ate and drank far too much whilst on holiday as I'm feeling sluggish and having difficulty keeping up with the rest of the class. Plus I just know I'm going to ache like anything tomorrow from all the squats and lunges we did.

Considering today is a fast day on the 5:2 diet, I had a peach chopped up for breakfast, a banana sandwich for lunch, and home-made tomato soup for dinner (with a slice of bread). Surprisingly I wasn't as hungry as I thought I'd be. Maybe doing the fast days when I do my exercise classes is a good idea as I'm busier and less likely to think about food. I did make sure that I drank loads of water and fruit teas which helped keep me full too.


Boy did I ache this morning ... I felt like I'd been in a fight because my abs were killing me (more than I expected), and my legs were so stiff from those squats and lunges yesterday. I decided I would do a PiYo routine this morning to help loosen me up.

I put the Define Upper body PiYo DVD on and threw myself into it wholeheartedly and really enjoyed it !! It's the first exercise I've done this week that I can honestly say I've enjoyed. It only lasted 20 minutes, but I was really hot and sweaty afterwards, but could feel I'd had a great workout and my abs and legs no longer ached as much.

I was sat at my desk in the afternoon and actually started to look forward to tomorrow's Insanity and PiYo class at the leisure centre.

Today on the 5:2 diet is a normal food day, so porridge for breakfast, scrambled egg on toast for lunch, a lamb dinner with leeky mashed potato and veg, and fruit as snacks.


Today is the 2nd fast day this week, so i started the day with a banana for breakfast, followed by my Insanity and PiYo classes at the leisure centre. I wasn't hungry afterwards for a change afterwards so held off and had homemade tomato soup for lunch and then kiev, rice and kale for dinner. The only problem i had was hubby coming home after a really bad at work and wanting a beer to calm down and unwind, so we ended up having a glass of wine ... The only ting is that led to the munchies ... aaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!! I've had such a good day with exercise but feel i let myself down with this wine tonight ... Tomorrow is another day and another chance to redeeem myself!!


WOW!!! This morning I decided to weigh myself and was shocked to see that i had lost 2lb!! After yesterday's derailment I didn't this I had much hope of losing anything ... What a lovely surprise. Today on the 5:2 diet is a normal food day, so I started off with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, i had lunch out with a friend (veg soup and a cheese sandwich), but made a homemade chicken curry for dinner (that was delish!!). I am even more determine to get us into the 5:2 way of thinking, as ubby lost 4lbs this week!!!!!!! He is over the moon with this loss!!!!

I decided to take today off from exercise and give my body a day to recover, but tomorrow I'm going to a PiYo class at the leisure centre in the morning. Plus i had a flu jab this afternoon and by early evening my arm felt really heavy and achy. We'll see how it feels in the morning.


Hubby is a work this morning, so I went to a PiYo class at the leisure centre. Now I don't normally do classes on a weekend as this is family time, but seeing as though hubby is at work, I thought I'd make time for me. Plus my arm isn't too sore or achy from my flu jab today either.

On the 5:2 diet, we're eating as normal for the weekend, but I'll try and keep us on track ... We've got a busy day today so not going to promise anything!!!

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A break from the norm ...

It's been a busy few weeks with work for us both, and this week has been booked for months now. We've been sooooo looking forward to having some time off and spending some quality time together without talking about work!! Plus with me experiencing shin splints the last few weeks, I couldn't wait to have some R&R and chill out.

We started our week off by sending our cats to the local cattery. I hate sending them away on holiday, but I know that they're looked after so well and as we asdopted 3 of them through the cattery, they really look forward to seeing them and treating them too. They all knew something was happening as the cat door was locked (which never happens) and then the carry cases appeared ... Garfield went and hid in a box that Molly-Mai normally sleeps in ... Molly-Mai was curled up onto of the wardrobe ... Misty and Luna went and hid in one of the bedrooms ... and Amber walked straight into one of the cat baskets and curled up!!! I wish they all did this, but for a change it didn't take us too long to get them all in their baskets and loaded into the car for the 3 minute drive to the cattery. They are all together in a big family pen which I'm really pleased about as I hate having to split them up. They always settled better when they can be together. When we had got them settled and left them, Misty was already in one of the beds, Garfield refused to come out of his basket (he'll come out within a couple of hours), Molly-Mai was having a nosy round the pen, and Amber and Luna were watching us walk away looking like little meercats the way they were standing there!!


Once the cats were safely settled, we drove to my Mum and Dad's and spent the weekend with them catching up and hearing about their travels over the Summer (USA, Route 66 and China). We hadn't seen Mum and Dad for almost 3 months (we've spoken loads though), so we had loads to catch up on. We had lots of laughter whilst hearing many stories of their travels ... Meals were eaten out and a glass or 3 of wine were drunk ... What a lovely weekend and what a wonderful way to start our holiday.

We came home and spent the Monday running errands during the day, but managed to settle down and relax late afternoon with a nice cold glass of wine. The only thing was the house was soooooo quiet!!! Now I know the cats don't always spend tIme with us and aren't always in the same room as us, but there is a prescence in the house!!! I really hate being at home when the cats aren't!! We both kept expecting to hear or see one of them walking into the lounge at some point. Teatime on Monday and Breakfast on Tuesday were the worst, as it's normally like Piccadilly Circus with the cats wandering around the kitchen waiting to be fed, but instead it was so quiet ... I can't wait to go away now!!!

Tuesday saw us leave at lunchtime and travel to Lowestoft. I'd never been before and Matt hadn't been for years, so we managed to find a lovely little guesthouse overlooking the sea and stayed for the night. We stopped for a late lunch on the way at a lovely coutry pub, and when we arrived we had a stroll along the beach front stopping off at a bar for a drink and took the opportunity to sit outside. It wasn't too windy and certainly wasn't cold. It was so refreshing to be outside ... until it started to rain!!! Then we moved indoors rather quickly!! We spent th next couple of hours talking, catching up with each other and reading the local papers. Once the rain stopped, we decided to walk along the rest of the beach front to the most easterly point of England. We then returned and had dinner ... fish and chips by the seaside ... By the end of the day we were feeling more relaxed and could both feel the tension in our shoulders disappearing. We put a ban on talking about work this week so that we could spend time on "US". We often find that the days go by so quickly that we forget about what's important. We forget to reconnect and take time to talk about things that really matter. This week has definitely seen us reconnect by spending quality "US" time together.


It was lovely to wake on Wednesday morning knowing that we only had an 11 mile drive to our final destination ... Southwold. We left the guesthouse with full bellys (the cooked breakfast was lovely) and made our way to Southwold. We'll be spending 3 nights here, and we really don't care what the weather is like. We know that this is one place we can both come to and relax. There isn't really very much to do in Southwold, as it's a lovely old market town right by the sea with lots of lovely walks, and for those of you who don't know, it's famous for it's brewery ... Adnams Ales. Almost every pub in Southwold is an Adnams pub and 2 of the hotels are Owned by Adnams too. Matt is a big fan of the ales, and I love their wines so it's a win win for both of us!!!


We arrived on the Wednesday morning around 11am which was too early to check in to the hotel (we're staying in The Swan Hotel which is lovely), so we sat in the lounge and spent time reading as the weather was a bit naff and we didn't fancy walking out anywhere to start with. By lunchtime we ventured out onto the high street and found a little tea room and spent time people watching over lunch, from there we went to do the tour of the lighthouse which was far more interesting than I imagined. We found it was thirsty work walking up and down all of those steps in the lighthouse (as we went right up to the top where the light actually is), and there just happened to be an Adnams pub over the road from the
Iighthouse ... It would have been rude to walk past it ... so in we went and we had such fun in here talking and laughing together over a drink and a snack. From here we decided to have a wander down to the beach and wiled away the time sitting on a bench that a family had donated in the memory of a loved one whilst watching the sea ... The waves were crashing and people were walking their dogs ... the dogs were going crazy running towards the ocean and then being chased back up the sand by the waves ... it was so relaxing to watch the motion of the waves. Thankfully it wasn't too cold (which is surprising for England in October) and we must have sat there for almost 1 hour ... we lost track of time with laughing and talking, so much so that our stomachs made us realise we needed to make tracks to get dinner. We've been here before so we knew The Lord Nelson pub does wonderful fish and chips, so we ventured in and found a table (it's a very cosy pub and you have to share tables with strangers otherwise you just won't eat!!), ordered dinner and got chatting with those around us. Our fish and chips were delicious (as always), and were washed down well with Matt's ale and my wine. We were both feeling so chilled out that we headed back to the hotel for a nigthcap and an early night.


We woke on Thursday feeling refreshed and it was a gorgeous sunny day .. perfect for going for a nice walk. We headed down to breakfast and have a hearty breakfast (I have to say) then we headed out and walked to the next village, Walberswick. We headed out of the town, passed the old and newer Water Tower, walked around the harbour, over a bridge and continued to Walberswick. By the time we got there it was lunchtime and as the sun had been lovely and warm we decided to head to the pub for a drink to quench our thirst. We got our drinks, headed out into the beer garden and sat in the October sun in tee-shirts overlooking the sea. It was pure heaven!!!! We left sometime later and headed back to Southwold via the harbour, and walked back a different route that took us across sand dunes and the beach. It was so lovely to be walking on the beach hand in hand without a care in the world watching people flying kites, fishing and dogs playing in the sea. It truely was idyllic!! We went and had a well deserved celebratory snack since we'd not eaten anything since breakfast but we'd been walking for over 4 hours and have covered about 6 miles. We had a lovely relaxing late afternoon back at the hotel, and again headed out to The Lorn Nelson pub for dinner ... This time Matt had scampi and chips and I had the rump burger ...OMG the size of the burger!!! I managed to eat most of it but I have to admit that it beat me in the end!! Lol!! We headed back to the hotel for a nightcap and ended up chatting to the barman for almost an hour until he finished his shift, then we called it a night as tomorrow is due to be just as good for the weather as today!!


The bed in the hotel is so comfy that you can't help but have a good nights sleep. We woke on Friday again feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep, and the sun was already streaming in through the slits in the curtains. After breakfast, we sat in the lounge and read ... I read my book and Matt read the paper, we had morning tea and just enjoyed the ambiance of the hotel with the sun streaming in through the windows. As the weather was soooo lovely we threw caution to the wind and left our jackets at the hotel!!! We couldn't believe that we were walking in tee-shirts in October by the coast!!! We had a lovely slow walk down to the beach and along the sand stopping occasionally to sit snd watch the sea, and the dogs playing on the beach. We eventually made it to the pier and because it was so warm, we decided to sit at the pier cafe with a cloudy lemonade and I don't know how it happened but a glass of pinot grigio appeared for us both!!! We had to drink it ... it would have been rude not to!! We must have sat there watching the sea and talking for over an hour. It was so peaceful and relaxing, but also so hot as there wasn't a breath of air on the pier! We later walked the length of the pier and only when we got to the end did we feel the breeze but even then it wasn't cold. We then had another slow walk back along the beach and were absolutely gobsmacked to see an elderly couple actually going for a swim in the sea!!! Now this normally wouldn't surprise us, but we're talking of swimming in October in a very cold ocean!! We stood there in disbelief for what felt like an eternity, and it must have been a good couple of minutes as 2 other couples saw our disbelief and started talking to us about the weather, swimming and Southwold in general.


It's funny really, because wherever we go, we always get talking to people and make new friends far and wide. The people of Southwold are really friendly though and this was true of our last stop of the day before our evening meal, as we ventured into The Lord Nelson pub for a late afternoon tipple. We sat at the bar and got talking to the barmaid for so long that before we knew it, the pub was getting busier and the time was getting closer to 6pm. We had to leave and get back to our hotel, as we needed to get changed ready for our special evening meal ... As this trip to Southwold was my birthday present from Matt, we were booked into the restaurant for a 3 course meal to celebrate. The meal was devine and well worth waiting for ... Leek and potato soup to start ... Pan fried chicken for main ... and I had the cheese board and Matt had a cherry bakewell tart for dessert ... Mmmmmmmmm it was all so yummy that we washed it down with an Adnams Selection pinot grigio. A really lovely evening was had by us both and we sat there for almost 2 hours enjoying the food, the wine and each others company. What a lovely way to finish our short break in Southwold.

We woke on Saturday morning knowing we were going home today. The weather had been so nice for us these last couple of days that this morning the skies are grey and there is a threat of rain ... I'm sure the weather must know we are going, but we have had such a wonderfully relaxed time in Southwold that we will return next year.

I may have had a week off from my running and exercise classes, but it has been lovely to go out for walks with my husband and instead of running by things, i've actually noticed more from our slow walks. Sometimes you need to slow down and smell the roses in order to appreciate life. I have certainly had an amazing holiday and have loved every minute. We have spent some much needed quality time together and there has been so much laughter too. We've made some lasting memories here and have vowed to make this our little haven of sanity at least once a year from now on.

Southwold, we love your peacfulness, tranquility and can't wait to come back next year.

For now it is time to go home and collect our little family from the cattery ... I wonder what they have been up to ... We'll get to hear their stories later when they purr them to us ...

x x x

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Back to basics ...

Over the last few weeks I've been suffering with achy shins and calfs when road running. After much deliberation (and research on the internet ... thank god for Google!!) I have taken the decision to go back to running on the treadmill to help prevent (and possibly repair) shin splints.

Yesterday I went to my weekly Body Tone class and have woken this morning to very tight and achy glutes !! So I took myself off into the garage to attack the treadmill, but instead of running at my normal speed of 5.8mph, I took the decision to start off at 5mph and build up gradually. This was partly because I didn't want to overdo it too soon with my shins, but also I wanted to see how long I could run for without stopping as this is something I struggle with with road running. I can normally run for the first mile and then have to walk for 30-40 seconds to catch my breath, but on the treadmill I surprised myself and I managed to run for 2.75 miles before having to walk for 30 seconds!!

As I started my run at 5mph, I built up my speed so that I was running at 5.4mph when I finished my 3 miles. As I had taken the decision to do a slower, steadier run this morning, I was happy with my time of 00:34:35 (with an average of 11:32 min/mile).

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Evening Running and Stretching

I don't normally run in the evenings as that's my relaxation time, but I'd had such a different day yesterday ...


I was due to go to Body Tone in the morning, but a friend was in need of a shoulder ... and I'm always there for friends ... so I for-went my exercise class in the morning ... then in the afternoon my computer decided to have a hissy-fit when I installed Windows 10 and wouldn't save any of my work (how am I supposed to work if my computer won't save anything!?!?!?!), so I re-installed Windows 7 which seemed to take FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!

It was after the computer "fun and games" that I decided enough was enough and that I needed to get out of the house and go for a run.

I laced up my trainers and off I went (thankfully all cats were asleep so no surprises when I left the house for a change!!). I had already decided I was only going to run a 3 mile route, and I'm glad at that because after the first mile I had pains in my shins and calf muscles starting and my legs felt really heavy ... I don't think I could have stretched enough after Monday's 5.34 mile run.

I managed to run and walk the rest of the route but by the time I got home, I had really bad pains in my shins and calfs and found it painful to walk. I wonder if others have experienced this ...?? I managed to have a hot bath which seemed to ease the pain ...


I woke this morning and my legs felt like lead weights so I decided to do a Lower Body PiYo workout to give my legs the stretch they deserve ... and I have to admit that both shins and calfs are no longer aching ... oh the joy of a good stretch ... I just love the Down Dog stretch !!!

I think I'll take tomorrow off running and do another PiYo workout instead ...

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Running after a break ...


I've been quiet for the last few weeks, as I've taken some time off and had a break from running ... but I've come back to running with more determination than before ...

Last week, I ran twice ... the first time was on the Monday and managed just over 4 miles (which I didn't think was too bad after a break) but I sure felt it the next day in my legs. I then did my second run on the Friday, and found that I was able to run 6.26 miles (10km) which I was thrilled to bits with, especially as I managed this in just over 01:03:00. The only thing I hadn't planned for when starting back running was the fact that I like to run around 08:00 in the morning, and the children and their parents are taking them to school at this time, so I've had to "re-learn" how to navigate around the pushchairs, erratic children (who can't seem to walk in a straight line!!) and the dogs that the parents like to take for a walk to the school gates.

Oh how I've been spoilt over the Summer ... no children or parents on the pavements ... no having to dodge cars by running in the road to navigate my way around said parents and children ... plus I haven't had anyone try and run me over either ... but that is all set to change now that the schools are back!!!

Today I've been for a nice 5.36 mile run in 00:54::08.

I started out in the rain, but that soon cleared up and I managed to finish in the dry (well the weather was dry but I definitely was not!!). I managed to dodge the parents and children on the school run, the dust cart doing the usual Monday morning rounds, and I even managed to avoid the endless amounts of dog mess on the pavements that seems to be getting worse the wetter and cooler it gets (one of my pet hates and it really winds me up!!).

I made it home without any hiccups, and was even met by my sweet girl Amber who wanted lots of fuss whilst I was stretching in the garden.

I love my runs, and now that I am able to run for longer (and not walk quite as much as I used to) I've learnt to love it even more that I thought possible. I've got a busy week ahead, but always make sure I get my runs and exercise classes in the diary at the start of the week, because if you can make an appointment for lunch, then you can make an appointment to do some exercise ... even if it's only for 30 minutes!!


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Bank Holiday Weekend ... Chill or Exercise ... or both!?!?!?


Today is the start of the Bank Holiday Weekend.

I didn't need to get up early this morning, but I actually set my alarm clock and got up at 07:30 so that I could do a PiYo workout before hubby surfaced and we got on with our day!! I surprised myself as I didn't even need to drag myself out of bed. I was energetic from the start (which is highly surprising and not like me normally on a Saturday morning!!)

I did the Define Upper Body workout today which left me feeling energised, but it's funny because my core and thighs are achy tnis morning. Each workout targets a specific area, but they all have a bit of an "all over body workout" included in them. I think that's why I'm finding them a little addictive (today is Day 4 og PiYo!!).

By 08:30 I was ready to get breakfast and face the day as we had got a busy one planned ... various errands needed to be done and shopping for the cats (i swear they eat better than we do at times ... Lol !!).

I think tomorrow I'll have as a rest day ... but I'm sure the chores in the house will act as a mini workout!!


Today was definitely a day of rest, as we decided to head out for a lovely Sunday lunch at our local pub. Steak and kidney pudding (I don't eat kidney so sat there for a few minutes discecting my pie!!), roast potatoes, yorkie pud, veg and gravy ... mmmmmmmm it was delish!!

We came home, had a bit of a movie marathon and chilled out for the rest of the day. We just couldn't move after eating that lunch!!

Bank Holiday Monday

After yesterday's chill out day, I decided that I was going to go for a run as I haven't been on one since last Monday.

I was going to run outside, but when I looked out of the window it was pouring with rain!! So instead, I decided to head out into the garage and go for a run on the treadmill instead.

I chose to run for 30 minutes in total but I wasn't concerned with the distance this morning. I ran on a level 2 incline for 23 minutes straight after doing a short walking warm up and ended with a short walking cool down. I can definitely say that running on the treadmill felt different today from the last time, and I'm not sure if that has something to do with the PiYo I've been doing ... I think it might be ... It's the first time I've done any running since starting PiYo, and I noticed that my shins and calfs didn't ache at the end of my run.

I'm definitely feeling good about myself today and I'm really pleased that by doing the PiYo it's helping me with my running. Hopefully, I'll be able to run outside soon ...

Now to get on with enjoying the rest of my Bank Holiday Monday x x x

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PiYo ... A nice alternative to Running !!!


After yesterday's PiYo workout I was determined to do another PiYo workout this morning.

I opened the curtains and saw the weather ... blue skies and sunshine ... perfect running weather ... but then my thoughts drifted to PiYo and the promise I made myself yesterday ... so ignored my running urge and instead locked myself in the spare room and put the PiYo DVD in and started my workout.

My husband left the house for work at 7am this morning, which meant I was able to get my workout done really early and ready to face the day all before 9am!!

I began with the Define Lower Body workout and I was really starting to feel this working by the end of the 30 minutes. So much so that I didn't throw in the towel, but instead I decided to do the Core workout straight after and I started to feel this right from the word GO!! By the time I finished both workouts, I was drenched in sweat and my abs and legs were tender and achy.

I love to mix up my workouts which is why I do Body Tone and Insanity, but by including PiYo into the mix, I'm getting the benefit of the flexibility from the Yoga poses and the muscle sculpting from the Pilates moves, and the fact that all of the moves are fluid and non-stop is great. My heart rate is up and I know I've done a good workout at the end of it.

I think that by incorporating PiYo into my workout routine, it'll help me with my running and hopefully, because of the stretching from the Yoga poses, it'll help my shins and calf muscles in the longer term when I'm running.

I am writing this at the end of the day whilst sat at my desk, and my abs and legs are killing me, so I know it was a damn good workout this morning!!


Hubby left for work nice and early again this morning, so I decided to get my PiYo DVDs and do a good workout in my spare room.

I decided I was going to do Define Upper Body and Core workouts today, so at 7.15am I began ... when I finished at 8.15am I was a hot and sweaty mess but I felt great at having completed my 3rd PiYo workout.

As today is now Day 3 of doing PiYo workouts and I'm already starting to notice that my core is feeling firmer, and my legs (especially my shins and calfs) don't ache/hurt as much as they did at the start of the week. We'll see how well my shins and calfs cope when I go for my next run (which is hopefully going to be sometime over the Bank Holiday weekend).

What I have also noticed is that my arms are feeling a little achy today from all the down dog poses and planks, but that's good (...I think...!!).

I've got a busy Bank Holiday Weekend ahead but I'm determined to do a PiYo workout tomorrow (even if I can only manage 30 minutes) !!

Have a great Weekend everyone x x x

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Alternative Exercise


The weather is horrible today and after yesterday's Body Tone class, I really ache ... thanks to Isla and her lunges!!

I've heard a lot of talk about different fitness crazes over time, and some seem like fads (I have to admit I've tried a few and got bored really quickly), but one has intrigued me so I thought I'd give it a go. Now I don't normally partake in exercise DVD's at home as I don't usually have the motivation to workout in the spare room of my house, but after participating in a taster PiYo class (and really loved it) a few weeks ago at my local leisure centre I was intrigued to see what the DVD's would be like.

So I went ahead and ordered them, and to my surprise when they arrived they are really easy to follow, very self explanatory and easy to use.

Now I've tried Yoga before (but not Pilates) and enjoyed it. PiYo, for those of you that don't know, is a combination of Yoga and Pilates but instead of holding the moves for 30+ seconds, all the moves are fluid and you keep moving all the time.

So this morning, instead of going for a run I decided to go up into the spare room, put the PiYo Define Lower Body DVD on and have a go. All i can say is WOW!!! I didn't realise how much I'd feel it in only 30 minutes, or how much I would sweat (sorry)!! But it is definitely worth it!!! The DVD only lasted for 30 minutes, and the time flew by really quickly as you're constantly moving. I definitely know I've done some exercise this morning with the PiYo moves.

Thanks to Isla Oliver for running the taster class I attended and for giving me loads of info, and thanks also to Rachel Morris who has not only provided me with loads of info but who has documented her progress whilst doing a PiYo calendar routine and given me the confidence to try something new which is outside of my comfort zone.

This is one series of exercise DVDs that I think are going to become a regular fixture from now on.

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Early Monday Morning Run


I am posting this late this evening, as it's the first chance I've had to write about this morning's run due to the busy day I've had ... so here goes ...

... We were up really early this morning as hubby had to leave for work at 07:00, so I decided to head out for a quick run, but I knew I didn't have a lot of time as I have sooooo much work to get on with today. So I only ran 2 miles this morning.

The weather-man threatened stormy weather for us yesterday, but thankfully it didn't really arrive. Instead, we had rain but that then cleared up to leave us with a dry night, so this morning was cool but the sun was trying to peek through whilst I was running. Perfect running conditions.

I saw that Amber (my cat) was sat on top of the shed, so I decided to run in the opposite direction so that she wouldn't see me or follow me.

As I knew I could only run for 20 minutes this morning, I started to work through in my mind what I needed to do when I got home; what jobs needed to be done in the house; what work I needed to do on the computer for the project ... I practically managed to plan my day out during this morning's run.

I even started to think about setting myself a running target for the month of September ... I'll think some more about that on my next run I think ... but don't know when that will be as the heavens opened earlier and it hasn't stopped raining yet!!

I ran 2.04 miles in 00:21:11 this morning. Short and sweet but highly motivating.

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Weekend Running

Saturday's Post Anniversary Run

I decided to go for a nice morning run seeing as though the sun was shining and it was due to be in the 20's today, but what I didn't plan on was my feet feeling heavy ... maybe it might have had something to do with wearing those heels last night ... or it could have been down to the cocktails and wine from last night's Anniversary dinner ... Nevermind I was determined to run for at least 30 minutes. The thing is, that was all I could manage this morning thanks to the wonderful allergy I have ... otherwise known as hayfever !!!!!

I managed to run the first mile before my hayfever kicked in, then it was stop start stop start for the rest of my run. After doing this for 10 minutes, I decided I was going to run the last mile home before I started to scream at how many times I was having to stop to blow my nose ... HAYFEVER I HATE YOU !!!

I don't normally run on a Saturday, but I saw a couple of other runners this morning running in the opposite direction and they both said hi (mainly through waving), but it's so nice to be part of a group who understand why you don't talk when running and why a wave is all it takes to be friendly.

My hayfever didn't stop me though ... I managed to run 3.09 miles in 00:31:48.

Sunday ... A Day of Rest!!

This week has been a really busy week, so I took the opportunity to take today off ...


I hope everyone is having a great day, and here's to next week (hopefully) being a bit calmer ☺️ Xx

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