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Hard going after a short break away + starting a diet !!


After having a week off from my regular exercise routine, I woke on Monday morning and decided to go for a run on the treadmill. However, it wasn't as easy and plain sailing as I had hoped ... I originally decided I would run 3 miles, but my body had other ideas!!

I did my usual 2 minute warm up walk, and then started running at 5mph, but found after 8 minutes that I couldn't continue running. I was getting very out of breath and I was starting to get stitch!! So I had to revert to walking for 2 minutes and then running for 3-4 minutes. Now I normally like to run for at least 30 minutes (or 3 miles), but after doing the run/walk routine for 30 minutes, I was starting to get really bored and had lost my motivation, plus my body was screaming at me to stop, so I decided to finish with a 2 minute cool down walk and stretched afterwards.

Now I don't normally feel bored when running but I think it may have something to do with running on the treadmill and staring at the wall constantly. I need to get some winter running gear so that I can get out and run (I'm not kitted out properly yet), so I think that will be my plan for this weekend.

Also this week, hubby and I have started the 5:2 diet to try and shift a few pounds before Christmas. Today is a normal day, but we've chosen to make Tuesday and Thursday our fast days. So today I had cereal for breakfast, scrambled egg on toast for lunch, garlic kiev and chips for dinner and fruit for snacks. In hindsight, maybe the cereal is too high in sugar for me to have before I do a run ... I'll have to have a go at having breakfast after my run and see if that makes any difference.


I went to my Body Tone class this morning, my first class since my break, and found it hard going again. I really think I ate and drank far too much whilst on holiday as I'm feeling sluggish and having difficulty keeping up with the rest of the class. Plus I just know I'm going to ache like anything tomorrow from all the squats and lunges we did.

Considering today is a fast day on the 5:2 diet, I had a peach chopped up for breakfast, a banana sandwich for lunch, and home-made tomato soup for dinner (with a slice of bread). Surprisingly I wasn't as hungry as I thought I'd be. Maybe doing the fast days when I do my exercise classes is a good idea as I'm busier and less likely to think about food. I did make sure that I drank loads of water and fruit teas which helped keep me full too.


Boy did I ache this morning ... I felt like I'd been in a fight because my abs were killing me (more than I expected), and my legs were so stiff from those squats and lunges yesterday. I decided I would do a PiYo routine this morning to help loosen me up.

I put the Define Upper body PiYo DVD on and threw myself into it wholeheartedly and really enjoyed it !! It's the first exercise I've done this week that I can honestly say I've enjoyed. It only lasted 20 minutes, but I was really hot and sweaty afterwards, but could feel I'd had a great workout and my abs and legs no longer ached as much.

I was sat at my desk in the afternoon and actually started to look forward to tomorrow's Insanity and PiYo class at the leisure centre.

Today on the 5:2 diet is a normal food day, so porridge for breakfast, scrambled egg on toast for lunch, a lamb dinner with leeky mashed potato and veg, and fruit as snacks.


Today is the 2nd fast day this week, so i started the day with a banana for breakfast, followed by my Insanity and PiYo classes at the leisure centre. I wasn't hungry afterwards for a change afterwards so held off and had homemade tomato soup for lunch and then kiev, rice and kale for dinner. The only problem i had was hubby coming home after a really bad at work and wanting a beer to calm down and unwind, so we ended up having a glass of wine ... The only ting is that led to the munchies ... aaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!! I've had such a good day with exercise but feel i let myself down with this wine tonight ... Tomorrow is another day and another chance to redeeem myself!!


WOW!!! This morning I decided to weigh myself and was shocked to see that i had lost 2lb!! After yesterday's derailment I didn't this I had much hope of losing anything ... What a lovely surprise. Today on the 5:2 diet is a normal food day, so I started off with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, i had lunch out with a friend (veg soup and a cheese sandwich), but made a homemade chicken curry for dinner (that was delish!!). I am even more determine to get us into the 5:2 way of thinking, as ubby lost 4lbs this week!!!!!!! He is over the moon with this loss!!!!

I decided to take today off from exercise and give my body a day to recover, but tomorrow I'm going to a PiYo class at the leisure centre in the morning. Plus i had a flu jab this afternoon and by early evening my arm felt really heavy and achy. We'll see how it feels in the morning.


Hubby is a work this morning, so I went to a PiYo class at the leisure centre. Now I don't normally do classes on a weekend as this is family time, but seeing as though hubby is at work, I thought I'd make time for me. Plus my arm isn't too sore or achy from my flu jab today either.

On the 5:2 diet, we're eating as normal for the weekend, but I'll try and keep us on track ... We've got a busy day today so not going to promise anything!!!

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